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How to Prevent Users From Abandoning Your SaaS Solution

Posted on March 10th, 2016 by

The rise of SaaS and cloud-based applications has levelled the technological playing field for businesses, and even individuals. Thanks to SaaS, small businesses now have the same access to cutting-edge tools as big corporations. Solutions are affordable, require no hardware investment, and do not need an IT department to implement. However, the subscription model, and consequent lack of long-term financial investment, also makes it easy for users to jump ship. How can you prevent users from abandoning your SaaS solution? Simply put, they must be invested. They must depend on your software so much that doing without it would detrimentally affect their ability to run their business. Here are four ways to do this. […]

On SaaS and Start-Ups

Posted on November 29th, 2012 by

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure to listen to a few brilliant people from the software industry giving advice about start-ups. I’ve compiled here some words of wisdom that resonated with my inner entrepreneur. My apologies if this is not a verbatim account; my memory is like a sieve (unless I use Evernote). Some of the thoughts here were picked up from talks at How To Web, and others during interviews with Avangate. […]

Redefining Vendor-Partner-Customer Relationships across Sales Channels

Posted on November 12th, 2012 by

Software as a service is shifting the software industry away from upfront implementation models and toward ongoing subscription models. With this shift comes a need to develop ongoing, rather than transactional, customer relationships, where self-service and customer support are increasingly intertwined. As SaaS vendors look to expand their sales channels and transition partner sales to subscription models, they may discover that traditional channel partners are not always well equipped to manage SaaS accounts. The changing software sales model requires new levels of partner oversight by vendors and increased customer outreach efforts by partners in order to succeed. Here are some steps toward achieving success with partner-based SaaS sales models. […]