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Firefox for Web Marketing Ninjas

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I am writing this article for at least 75% of you, who, according to our tracking tools, are using Firefox to read this blog. The chances are that your Firefox browser is not “naked”, as dressing it up is what makes it such a great and beloved browser around the world.

The best part of it, though, is you can customize it so that it really helps you in your web marketing work. You can add features that help you increase your online social capital or features that will make browsing, web discovering and source code debugging a breeze.

Being part of a department that works with Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Web Analytics and Usability Consulting, I consider Firefox not just a simple browser, but a customized tool that helps us get things done faster and more accurately. We really rely on it, so here goes a big Thank you to the Firefox developers, wherever you are.


Claudiu Murariu