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Share Your Nightmare – Halloween Contest

Posted on October 17th, 2016 by

The weather is cooling, the leaves are falling, and Halloween is fast approaching. Do you have your spooky costume and your creepy stories all ready for the big night? If not, it’s time to unlock your inner creativity and get in the Halloween spirit, because we’ve got a monster challenge for you.

Here’s how it works:

Leave a comment on this post with the most terrifying, jaw-dropping business story that you possibly can think of, either about something that actually happened to you or just the worst work scenario you can imagine. Whether it’s having your business data hacked by cyber criminals or losing the important file minutes before a big presentation, we want to hear some stories that will give us nightmares. That’s it!

We’ll go through all of your scary stories on November 6 and select the one that gives us the most goosebumps. The winner will receive the coolest Go PRO camera on the market at the moment, to capture the most thrilling moments in your life. (But wait – do ghosts show up in photos? You might have to find out!)

Don’t be scared to challenge your friends to enter the contest on social media. Who knows, maybe one of them will conjure up the winning hair-raising tale – and you’ll all have a picture perfect Halloween.

Good luck!

By submitting an entry to our Contest you hereby agree to these Terms&Conditions.

And the winner is…

Milos Kovacevic!

Congratulations Milos! We couldn’t even decide which of your three stories was the scariest, we absolutely “loved” them all!

And even though our contest is over, keep sending us your stories, I am sure you have some great ones to share!

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Comments (5)

  • Amit Das says: November 3rd, 2016 at 10:11 pm

    During my short career as an independent publisher, I was so excited when a major bookstore ordered copies of several of our books. Since we used a print on demand model, it was a significant financial outlay for us to supply the books, but we thought it was a worthwhile investment. Wrong! This was the year the economy tanked, in 2014, and in November the retailer returned almost every single one of the books, not only unsold but in used condition so we could not sell them as new due to the damage. It cost us thousands of dollars, and in the end, caused us to go out of business. But I did learn that the current publishing model is unsustainable, that ebooks are the way to go, and to stop offering print books on a returnable basis. I also learned that having the merchandise on the shelf is meaningless without marketing.

  • Vinod Kumar says: November 4th, 2016 at 9:24 am

    I attended a very important trade show in Mumbai, India that had a very rough start. I arrived at the convention center the evening before the show to set up my booth. When I arrived at my booth, the pallet containing all my materials was not there. I asked around, and the floor manager said that my pallet was sent back to storage and that I would not be able to retrieve it until the next morning. I got up early the next day and walked over to the convention center around 5 a.m. When I arrived, the security guards would not let me on the floor and the floor manager was nowhere to be found, so I was escorted to the security office. After the run around by security, I walked to over to the warehouse to retrieve my pallet. The first forklift operator who offered to help looked for about twenty minutes and couldn’t find it. It was now 6:30 a.m., and I was starting to panic that my pallet never made it to the convention center from our office. It was an awful feeling! Finally someone radioed in that they found it. I received the pallet late and worked like crazy to get everything set up in time. Thankfully the rest of the four-day trade show went smoothly and was a success.

  • Milos Kovacevic says: November 5th, 2016 at 4:08 am

    Ok, I’ll start from the beginning,
    -At a start of my carrier I delivered personalized pens to my clients at Christmas time. A nice gift, or so I thought. Turned out the pens didn’t work. Not a single one! So embarrassing!
    -Once I was upset with a client who had a last-minute change to a project. Above her request, I wrote to my collegue: “I really want to kill this lady but she pays us a ton of money so we have no choice but to do it.” Then I hit “reply” instead of “forward” and then SEND! FACEPALM! Needless to say, we never had to make any changes for that client again!
    But that’s not the all of it! We hired a graphic designer who was introduced by ME …who, turns out, was color blind. That was a bit of an issue…
    I’m still alive so, there’s probably more coming… :)

  • Alex Conde says: November 6th, 2016 at 2:14 am

    We were sending out a big promotion campaign. It coordinated old school print mailers with new-school online. Everything was linked – the letter that arrived in your mailbox sent you to a website that placed a cookie. There were several letters, each testing a different message. Each segment of our mail test sent you to a different landing page, and each landing page placed a different cookie so that we could target you with remarketing ads that reinforced the initial message.

    Then, the print shop screwed up our order and mailed out the wrong test letters to the wrong people. All of our reporting data was shot. We were able to recover some value from the marketing test, but it was painful.

    An analog error nearly torpedoed a digital campaign.

  • Ashima Mahapatra says: November 6th, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    One day when I was speaking at a training session for 400+ clients, I went into the rest room prior to my time to take the podium. I went to the bathroom, came out of the stall, washed my hands and started talking to several women in the bathroom. Imagine my surprise when I stepped back into the auditorium to learn that the entire time I had been in the bathroom I had left my microphone open so everyone was listening to everything over the speaker system! Everyone was laughing at me in the audience. I have never felt more embarassed in my life.