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Get Ideas for Accelerating International Sales at the Avangate Global Software Selling Conference

Posted on October 22nd, 2012 by

When we look at the APAC region, 2 trends increasingly stand out for us. First, globally, we see an increasing number of companies move towards delivering their software as a service – in fact, according to IDC, 8 out of 10 new startups are SaaS-based. The second trend, made obvious by the predictions that China will be the largest eCommerce market by 2015, is that China is rapidly becoming a central hub to the software industry – in fact, it is already home to dozens of high-profile companies such as CDC Software, HiSoft, Neusoft, and certainly to thousands of companies selling software and SaaS on the international market.

Combining this trends of SaaS and China, you get the next edition of Avangate’s Global Software Selling Conference in Shanghai, China, on October 27.

What we’re looking to address at the conference?  Multiple aspects of the software industry, from the widespread shift to SaaS to the future potential of the model, as well as its implications for localization.

We’ll present case studies on some of our customers’ successful transitions to SaaS, pointing to the core components of SaaS success, including what companies need to understand about their customers, markets, and partners to make a successful transition to SaaS. Leaders from software companies will round out the conference presentations by sharing their own success stories and lessons learned, helping other peers prepare for their own SaaS transitions or expansions.

We’re bringing together also a panel of experts from companies like China Telecom and The Tuji Group, whose insights and experience with SaaS will undoubtedly spark new ideas and discussions on innovative strategies related to software sales models.

For those seeking practical information about SaaS-friendly eCommerce solutions, Avangate will directly address the nuances of selling software online, both directly and through resellers. Because resellers can prove valuable partners in international sales, this type of information is particularly relevant for Chinese companies already selling across the globe or looking to do so. Points of interest will include an overview and demonstration of the Avangate eCommerce platform, basic configurations for selling SaaS through multiple channels, and custom configurations developed for specific purposes using the Avangate API.

Looking to attend the Avangate Global Software Selling Conference in Shanghai? You will surely emerge better equipped to think about and act on SaaS sales and marketing in your current target markets and beyond. Looking forward to seeing you there – register here (Chinese only). We hope that you’ll not only attend but also share your own SaaS experiences and questions at the conference and afterward.

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Delia Ene

Communications & AR Senior Manager

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Comments (2)

  • Annie Miller says: November 4th, 2012 at 2:55 am

    It is great to attend conferences like this one. People gather and share what they know and you will gain an in depth perspective of the software industry.

  • Delia Ene says: November 29th, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    Absolutely, Annie, thanks for your comment.