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Industry Buzz – September 2018

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Hi sellers!


For September, we’re bringing you the best resources on how to grow your online business, insider tips from conversion experts, and strategies to improve your SEO rankings. Plus, you get to catch up with the latest trends in SaaS, payments, and eCommerce.


So, let’s get straight to the resources you shouldn’t miss this month!


We’ve said it countless times before: the SaaS industry is rapidly growing and taking over other industries as well – e.g. health, public administration. And now, Gartner predicts that by 2021, SaaS, which remains the largest segment of the cloud market, will cash in $113.3 billion in revenues. That’s something, right?


We’re continuing our “Give me 5!” video series with Philipp Reichardt, Vice President of Sales for North America at 2Checkout, who is going to show you how to successfully transition your business to SaaS & Subscriptions. Trends show that the shift to a subscription-based business is inevitable, so you should adjust your strategy sooner rather than later.


Give me 5!


Top-tier companies are already investing heavily in their mobile strategies. SMBs shouldn’t be far behind, considering the fact that mobile payments are on the rise. So place your bets on improving the user experience with intuitive, fast-loading designs, mobile-first optimizations to rank well on Google, and reduce friction at checkout.


Our webinar with Forrester is a must-watch if you want to discover the commerce and payments features you need to maximize recurring revenue. Lily Varon, a Forrester Analyst serving eBusiness and Channel Strategy professionals, will help you understand and overcome the challenges that digital goods and services companies face when dealing with the complexity of global commerce.


webinar lily varon


Online businesses are the new normal, just as online shopping is. There are people everywhere ordering pretty much anything over the internet and having the order delivered in front of their doorstep. So entrepreneurs should heavily capitalize on this new lifestyle that’s emerging.


Selling online in 2018 has become more challenging than ever before. To stand out in such a competitive industry, you need to optimize your website for search engines by targeting specific keywords. So in this post, you’ll find a variety of tools you can use to monitor your site’s performance and discover opportunities to improve.


An online business is all about optimization, right? And one of the key areas where optimization is very much needed is exactly the customer lifecycle. In this blog post, you will find both creative growth hacks and proven customer lifecycle marketing tips to help you grow your business.


And speaking of optimization, you didn’t think we left out conversion optimization, right? These 15 tips and tricks will help increase your conversion rate, but keep in mind that testing is still a must-have. Make sure you tailor these best practices according to your audience.


We’re happy to introduce you to our “2Inspire” interview series, where we ask entrepreneurs, managers and creative people we admire, different questions about themselves. The very first episode of the series features Brian Massey, founder and the original conversion scientist at Conversion Sciences. Make sure you check it out!


Brian Massey Interview


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