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Industry Buzz – October 2017

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First, check out these infographics that will help you quickly access some great eCommerce tips and trends:

Now, to this month’s Industry Buzz!


Is your SaaS company leaking revenue? Save your spot for this online seminar with Subscription Insider and guest speaker Erich Litch, Chief Revenue Officer at 2Checkout. Erich will outline the commerce strategies and tactics that SaaS companies should employ to grow revenue, by keeping customers engaged across the digital commerce lifecycle, from acquisition to onboarding, upgrade and renewal. Special guest speaker Derrick Malone, in charge with eCommerce operations at Absolute Software, will join the webinar to present a case study on how Absolute achieved a significant revenue uplift through optimization at various stages of the commerce lifecycle.


Cybersecurity has emerged as the area that businesses have spent the most on in 2017, as a new report from 2Checkout reflects. In this H1 Digital Commerce Benchmark, security and privacy products have accounted for over 30 percent of online sales. Keep on reading to learn more.


Customer expectations are changing fast these days, as customers are looking for more personalized experiences. Much has been said about personalization in eCommerce, which more than ever before is shifting toward tailoring the experience to individual customers. Here are the latest eCommerce trends and best practices you should be aware of, straight from the experts. While you’re there, you might want to check out also these 5 things that businesses need to know about global digital commerce trends as they prepare for 2018.


Holiday season represents a tremendous marketing opportunity for businesses of all verticals and sizes. It also puts companies under a lot of stress, much of which may be alleviated by proper planning and preparations. If you haven’t started planning yet, it’s not too late to make a difference and stuff your stocking with more sales! In fact, we have put together an entire webinar which features 30 practical tips to make this holiday season your best one yet! If you’re in a hurry, read this blog post instead.


In today’s world, the majority of businesses and consumers use SaaS. Unlike the history of the Roman Empire or Greek poetry, software history is almost immeasurably short. Keep on reading for a shortened version of the story.


With more than one out of every six card transactions failing for one reason or another, implementing strategies to reduce and/or recover declined authorizations is one of the best investments any recurring-revenue based business can make. Check out this datasheet to understand what Revenue Recovery Tools you need to use for fighting involuntary churn, starting even at the acquisition stage.


You’ve been acquiring quite a few customers lately for your SaaS company. On the surface, this seems awesome. However, soon after sign up, they seem to fly right out the back door. Here are some actionable ways to prevent churn!


Is your business not performing as well as you’d like? Have you looked at your customer success program lately? It might be what’s keeping you from reaching your goals. If your customers are happy with your product or service, they will become your advocates and tell others about you. Additionally, keeping a current customer can require far less effort and expense than finding a new one. Here’s what the experts say your business should have in place for your customer success strategies.


Related on the previous topic, what’s the key to more revenue? A great retention optimization strategy. If you are struggling with your retention tactics and strategies, or just want to quickly boost your software and SaaS sales, you’ve come to the right place. Watch this webinar with CRO expert Talia Wolf to find out what makes customers buy more, the most important rules for getting customers to keep coming back, and much more!


There’s a renewed focus on payments and the payments industry has made it easier for companies to sell their products and services online. But a payments solution alone, while obviously important, is not enough to grow and sustain a digital business over the long term. This whitepaper explores the core components of digital commerce and demonstrate why they’ve become the requirement for any digital business to achieve and sustain success on a global scale. Don’t miss out!

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