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Industry Buzz – November 2017

Posted on November 29th, 2017 by

This month’s industry buzz is full of great advice for skyrocketing your sales. Also, don’t forget about our cool Winter Contest! The grand prize is an iPhone X, to reward yourself for your success this year, so don’t miss out!

Without further ado, let’s get into it.


Looking to expand your software business in new regions, but not sure where to start? Our webinar will help you create effective strategies for going global and explain why localization matters and why alternative payment methods make a difference. Don’t miss out!


Artificial intelligence and machine learning have become essential tools for many large eCommerce brands. From operational optimization to marketing, personalization and enhanced search…right through to automated inventory planning and dynamic pricing — AI is shaping the future of shopping.


With the holiday shopping season upon us, getting more traffic and converting more shoppers into buyers is key to reaching sales goals. This article will help you understand more about LTV, from how to calculate it to how to ultimately increase it and boost customer loyalty.



Are you selling digital products worldwide? Domestic payment methods and currencies can make international customers feel more “at home” in your shopping cart, which results in higher conversion rates. This datasheet shares more than 45 payment methods by region and at country level, supported out of the box by 2Checkout. Get your copy!


If you want to grow your SaaS business, you have to understand how you are attracting and converting visitors into customers. To make sure you get it right, I asked a few of my favorite SaaS experts to share some lessons they learned along their career path on customer acquisition. Here’s what they said.


Creating a high-converting customer retention program is no accident, but it’s also no mystery: the steps to building an effective retention program have been tested and proven many times over. In this post, based on our webinar with Talia Wolf, Founder and Chief Optimizer at Uplift , we start you down the step-by-step path to a high-converting customer retention program.


Is your SaaS company leaking revenue? Watch this online seminar with Subscription Insider and guest speaker Erich Litch, Chief Revenue Officer at 2Checkout. Erich outlines the commerce strategies and tactics that SaaS companies should employ to grow revenue, by keeping customers engaged across the digital commerce lifecycle, from acquisition to onboarding, upgrade and renewal. Special guest speaker Derrick Malone, in charge with eCommerce operations at Absolute Software, has joined the webinar to present a case study on how Absolute achieved a significant revenue uplift through optimization at various stages of the commerce lifecycle.


With more than one out of every six card transactions failing for one reason or another, implementing strategies to reduce and/or recover declined authorizations is one of the best investments any recurring-revenue based business can make. Check out this datasheet to understand what Revenue Recovery Tools you need to use for fighting involuntary churn, starting even at the acquisition stage.



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