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Industry Buzz – May 2017

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Hi Sellers!

We’re proud to bring you yet another collection of software industry resources that will help you in managing your business. Whether it’s expert tips on conversion rate optimization, tactics for protecting your business against cyberattacks or even more reasons to switch to SaaS, we’ve got you covered.

Enjoy reading this month’s Industry Buzz!


Last month, the WannaCry cyberattack affected more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries. But how easy is it really to keep large, complex computer networks up-to-date and protected? Check out this article to find out.

More and more shoppers make purchases using mobile devices. Therefore, merchants that sell digital goods should pay more attention to fraud prevention.  Most of eCommerce fraud is CNP (Card Not Present) fraud where stolen credit card details are used to make purchases. Learn how to safeguard your business and to protect both your customers and yourself from risks.

How does a 26% uplift in shopping cart conversion rate sound? Find out how Zemana, a privately held security software provider, optimized the user experience on their shopping cart and decreased the abandonment rate using the Avangate in-platform testing tool. Take as a starting point shopping cart best practices, but remember that what is appropriate for other audiences may not always work for yours.

When selling products and services online, it’s best to have control over the shopping experience throughout the digital lifecycle. Download this free eBook and get the best tips on how to increase shopping cart conversion rates for your software or SaaS business.

Do you know all there is to know about conversion rate optimization? These 17 experts can help you out. Adopting some or all their insights will keep your web pages and landing pages relevant, leading to a valuable boost in both conversions and customer retention. Check them out so you can start your strategy off on the right foot!

How can you use onboarding to increase trial to paid conversions substantially? Patrick Campbell from Drip offers four versions of onboarding you can try and that can be implemented extremely quickly, so don’t miss out!

Speaking of onboarding, once that is complete, what can you do to make users stick around? What is THE KPI that can help you with your endeavor? The North Star Metric is the single metric that has the most direct impact on growth for SaaS companies. Do you know how to measure yours? Check out this webinar where analytics expert Claudiu Murariu will teach you how to discover and calculate what makes users stick with a SaaS product over time.

The “better investment” this year, without a doubt, is cloud computing over on-premise infrastructures. Need a reason why? How about five? Moving from on-premise benefits not only the company’s wallet, but also creates a considerable increase in efficiency, productivity and accessibility of business operations.

Software and hardware vendors are increasingly embracing the subscription pricing model, and it’s not just because the market forced them into this. But are subscriptions a better deal over perpetual licenses? It depends. Keep on reading to learn more.

If you’re a software company looking to make a successful transition to subscriptions or SaaS, we recommend checking out this free Whitepaper. It provides details on transition models, best practices on getting the right pricing, metrics to analyze your company’s health and much more.


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