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Industry Buzz – July 2017

Posted on August 3rd, 2017 by

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Summer is heating up and with it we have some hot company and product news! We have plenty of new resources that will help you learn how to boost sales, build customer relationships, lower chargeback rates and more.

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AVS4YOU – a software company selling audio-video tools – needed a boost to their affiliate sales. Keep on reading to find out how they got a 17% increase in affiliate orders and over 250 new affiliate partnerships!


“Digital Transformation is eating the world”. We’ve all heard that on many occasions. But how will your company survive without facing the reality that your company is a tech company, no matter what product or service you offer? Read on to find out.


One of the sure things about the eCommerce world is that the industry is continuously changing. And 2017 brought about some game-changing ecommerce trends that you need to look out for. We believe also that they are a push in the right direction.


A chargeback is clearly a nuisance, for both buyers and sellers. This blogpost will help you understand a bit more about chargebacks: how the chargeback rate is calculated, why that is important, where you stand with your rate, and how you can lower it.


When selling products and services online, it’s best to have control over the shopping experience throughout the digital lifecycle. Download this free eBook and get the best tips on how to increase shopping cart conversion rates for your software or SaaS business.


When it comes to eCommerce, surveys show that time spent on mobile devices has surpassed time spent on desktops (59% vs. 41%). But dollars spent on mobile is dwarfed by desktop spending (15% vs. 85%). Still, as many as 64% of internet users make purchases via their mobile devices, up from just 25% in 2012. Clearly, the needs and behaviors of mobile shoppers are not the same as desktop shoppers. Here are five must-have features and design elements for your mobile checkout page.


Although retention programs can take startups years to develop, there are some very basic steps you can follow to kick-start yours, and start growing your active user base. And it all starts with breaking retention into three stages: early, mid-term and long-term. Check out this article to learn more on each.

Do you need some new ideas for optimizing your eCommerce site or shopping cart? We have some exclusive tips from two optimization strategists! Join them as they share best practices and case studies for split-testing throughout the entire purchase funnel!


Paid advertising is part the marketing mix for all online companies. But what is the right mix? How can you assess the quality of paid traffic conversions and get higher ROI from your advertising? Here’s a tool you can use to figure out what works and will help you measure results beyond the initial conversion.


In recent webinar, MPP Global and Forrester discussed how subscriptions were driving the evolution of customer relationships. After a research they conducted, they learned that 48% of businesses believe the flexibility of their subscription packages was their biggest challenge when trying to build meaningful subscriber relationships. Check out this article to learn more!


Discover how to enable shoppers to pay in a couple of clicks without leaving your website using in-context checkout for express PayPal payments. Leverage the Avangate tools of 2Checkout to achieve the fastest path to revenue, maximize client value through improved acquisition & retention and expand global reach.


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