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CRO Like the Pros: No More Hail Marys!

Posted on January 28th, 2016 by

Super Bowl is here, and Avangate is looking to the big names for some game-winning tips on how to CRO like the pros. We invite you to enjoy the highlights from our recent webinar with Chris Goward, the Founder and CEO of WiderFunnel.

“Best Practices” Aren’t Guaranteed to Score

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has come through with some amazing passes at the end of games this season. But the generally regarded “safe” choice to bring on the kicker rather than go for a two-point conversion hasn’t always paid off for his team. So take suggested best practices with a grain of salt, and be sure to test them in context of your own website and unique customer demographics.

For example, WiderFunnel ran a test where the standard “Submit” button, often considered an opportunity to optimize, actually outperformed other call-to-action buttons that attempted to insert social proof or urgency. Sometimes basics work best, even when “best practices” say otherwise. You’ll only know through split-testing.

Get the CRO tips to develop your own best practices >>

Tactics Don’t Win Championships

Defense might win championships, but individual tactics alone don’t. When thinking about CRO, it’s easy to start out by listing hundreds of specific tactics you’re confident you can test. But testing 100 tiny tactical elements may not end up telling you what you really need to know about your page.

Instead of thinking about tactics, think about developing frameworks that represent a specific point of view. Focusing on the needs of your customers, not the content of your pages, will help you understand the key elements to focus on – and let you move beyond just testing every tactic you can think of.

Find out how WiderFunnel’s LIFT Model can help focus your CRO efforts >>

Differentiation, Not POP

When you’re looking at competitors, it’s easy to focus on your points of parity, or POP – the features your customers care about that you happen to share with competitors. But it can be far more beneficial to focus on your points of differentiation, or POD. These more clearly show why your company is different and will motivate customers to pick you over the competition.

Learn how to make your offers “pop” with POD >>

Intrigued? For more detail on each of these conversion optimization concepts, watch the 60-minute webinar. You’ll be running winning tests in no time. Go team!

Watch the webinar >>

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