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Effectively Choosing Website Colors

Posted on September 15th, 2008 by

I was doing some research a few days ago in order to update an old article about effectively choosing colors for websites posted on the Resources section on Avangate website. My goal was to aid web developers with useful instruments for choosing the colors that should best suite their business.

I thus came across a very useful tool, DeGraeve Color Generator that knows how to extract the palette of colors from various websites, just by providing an URL. Besides that, this instrument can be used to extract colors from photographs.

Therefore if you consider a photo that is representative for your business, you can very easily get the chromatic scheme to apply for the whole website. You can see a concrete example below:

Another useful fact about this tool is that it makes a difference between dull and vibrant colors, so it’s easier to choose when you know for instance the age or gender category to which you are addressing. Also you can observe that immediately after the color, the HEX color code is specified which is particularly useful for web developers.

When creating a site, choosing the optimum colors is one of the most difficult tasks that arise in spite of the apparent easiness. Choosing the perfect chromatic palette is important in order to effectively communicate the message, in order to strengthen the idea of a unique entity and to create brand awareness.

So good luck choosing the perfect colors for your website – I hope this tool helps! Please share with us anything that proved to be useful for you in making this decision!

And oh, yes, also check out the new article – Choosing the Right Colors for Your Web Site.

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