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Best 2Checkout Blog Posts of 2017

Posted on December 28th, 2017 by

2017 was a memorable year for us and for our industry, as 2Checkout and Avangate joined forces to offer the industry’s most comprehensive product and service suite in the subscription billing and eCommerce space.

We were also honored to receive a variety of awards from leading organizations such as SIIA CODiE, Stevie Awards, G2Crowd and the mThink Blue Book. We appreciate the recognition and look forward to even more achievements in 2018 as we continue to deliver world-class subscription management, eCommerce and payment services to our customers around the world.

In addition to a great product, we pride ourselves for having a smart team that helped us write some amazing pieces of content this year.

Below, we’ve compiled our top 12 2Checkout blog articles of 2017. We hope they will help you with your strategies throughout 2018 as well, so don’t miss out!



The Ultimate 2017 Events Calendar for eCommerce & Digital Marketing Professionals

Taking the time to attend industry conferences is very important for so many reasons. It’s all about getting expertise, energy and good vibes from like-minded people. That’s why we’ve compiled a calendar of the most influential digital marketing events and conferences across the globe. Now, I know the dates for these events are outdated, but most of them are still held during the same time period, so you can still use this list to keep track of the events that best meet your needs in the new year as well.



How to Make a Freemium Model Work for Your SaaS Business

While businesses are using a wide array of SaaS models today, their goal should be to come up with one that hits the sweet spot, balancing value with price. Many SaaS providers are adopting a “freemium” model to entice new customers to use their platforms, while others are using free trials. This article focuses on the “freemium” model and helps companies convert users from the freemium option to the premium option.



Upcoming Ecommerce Trends: What SaaS Companies Need to Know

upcoming ecommerce trends

What will companies need to succeed in SaaS over the next few years? SaaS has been around a while, but it’s never been bigger. There are many driving forces behind this growth, and eCommerce surely plays a role – not only as an enabler, but also as a potential hindrance if not done right. This blog post reveals what SaaS companies should be thinking about over the next three to five years when It comes to eCommerce and how to use this engine as a growth accelerator.



10 Review Directories for Listing Your Software & SaaS Products

review sites for listing your software saas

If you own a B2B software or SaaS company, you should definitely consider building your presence on some software listing sites. It will make it easier for people looking for products in your category to find your offering. If you don’t have a company profile on these sites, 2018 might be a good year to start one. Here are some of the most popular business review directories for listing your SaaS/software products.



Do You Know Everything About CRO? 17 Experts Share Their Insights

CRO experts share underrated conversion tips

Are you using dated or generic tools that won’t help your business grow? There are a lot of CRO best practices and tools out there that marketers and growth hackers can focus on to improve conversions. Some are pretty well known, but others are still considered hidden gems. This blog post gathers the thoughts of 17 CRO-savvy experts on conversion rate optimization and the tools and techniques more people – including you – should know.



Why Software & SaaS Shoppers Abandon Shopping Carts

Why Software & SaaS Shoppers Abandon Shopping Carts

Cart abandonment is now an unavoidable consequence of the way users browse eCommerce sites. This post reveals some of the more preventable reasons for cart abandonment and shows how you can start bringing back those users. Let 2018 be the year where you stop losing potential orders on your website.



How to Lower Chargeback Rates

lower changebacks

Now that the June post helped you gain more orders, let this post help you prevent chargebacks. Find out what chargebacks are, why you should keep them in check, what an acceptable chargeback rate is and how to avoid the chargeback process altogether.



The Ultimate List of 60 eCommerce Experts You Need to Follow on Twitter

ecommerce experts to follow

If you’re constantly on the lookout for the latest eCommerce best practices, then look no further. We’ve gathered a killer list of 60 eCommerce experts who will reveal all the information you need to succeed at selling online. Make sure to follow each one’s Twitter, LinkedIn and personal blogs to keep learning.



Understanding and Optimizing Fraud Prevention

Identity theft affects millions of consumers every year, and thousands of credit card numbers are stolen, increasing the cost of fraud as a percentage of revenue for your business. This blog post was built around a webinar we hosted and tackles some of the most common eCommerce security threats you might face and how to combat them with fraud prevention.



25 Excellent eCommerce Quotes from the Experts

eCommerce Quotes

In this ever-changing medium, the only thing that helps you stay successful is keeping up with industry trends and best practices at the same time. This post gathers 25 great quotes from eCommerce experts that will help you stay above industry average and keep your customers happy. Get some great tips from Peep Laja, Linda Bustos, Lincoln Murphy, Brian Massey, Dave Chaffey and many others!


The Path to a High-Converting Customer Retention Program

High converting customer retention

This blog post is based on a webinar we hosted in November with guest speaker Talia Wolf, Founder and Chief Optimizer at Uplift. Talia presented the step-by-step path to a high-converting customer retention program, beginning with revising your conversion funnel itself. So make sure to check out the post, and give your customer retention strategy a boost in 2018.



What Is GDPR and How Does It Affect Your Business? Expert Interview

This last post will help every business that handles the personal data of EU citizens. GDPR is a hot topic these days, and it’s an imminent issue on everyone’s mind in the eCommerce world and beyond. Learn all about GDPR: what it is, which organizations need to be compliant and what steps to take next.


We want to send a big thank you to everyone for reading our posts and we promise to bring you even better content next year!

Happy Holidays!


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