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 Conversion Rate Optimizer

Iulia is an experienced online professional having spent over 8 years working in digital marketing.

Passionate about online customer experience, she is working in Avangate as a Conversion Rate Optimizer. The main responsibilities she has consist in optimizing vendor’s websites and Avangate shopping carts using various tactics which include: conversion researches, web analytics data analysis, delivering optimization plans and measuring the performance of Avangate shopping carts.

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Persuasive Web Design Techniques – A Must-Have for Software and SaaS-selling Websites

Posted on April 17th, 2014 by

These days, when talking about the customer experience on a website, people usually address issues about usability and user experience techniques – diving deep into the data, but is this enough to convince the users to transact with your business? You might improve your conversion rates by looking into the data, reading some tips and tricks on usability and user experience techniques – and that might improve the user’s ability to complete a transaction, but I am wondering if this is enough to engage them to the point where they’ll actually pay… […]

Conquer customer conversion killers!

Posted on November 5th, 2013 by

Start using one of the 4 most affordable A/B testing tools to improve your customer experience 

A/B testing is a simple process that will help you optimize the customer experience across your website and shopping cart. By testing different versions of key pages, you can easily determine which one produces the best results among your target audience. This is a simple way to remove the guesswork from your design and development process and focus your efforts on finding conversion enhancers. […]

Win Back Customers Who Abandon Carts By Using Remarketing Lists

Posted on March 29th, 2013 by

Ecommerce websites inevitably have issues with shopping cart abandonment. As a result, companies invest major resources in finding methods to recapture the attention of buyers who don’t complete purchases.

Just think about the number of people who visit your website every day, download your free products, add items into their carts, and then go into the checkout page and leave without purchasing. You’ve probably already come up with many ways to ask these visitors to come back and purchase, perhaps even offering a small discount to incentivize them to buy. […]