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Google AdWords Tips – Get Unexpected Assistance from AdExtensions

Posted on May 2nd, 2013 by

Among many options for enhancing ads, Google offers “AdExtensions,” which enable you to include extra content with an ad. In this article, we’ll learn more about AdExtensions, explore each of the extension types in detail, and learn how this feature can help you increase conversion rates.

Google Ad Extensions

What are Google AdExtensions?

The Google AdExtensions feature allows the advertiser to display additional information in a specific ad. This information might include multiple links per ad, dynamic ad links, the location of your business, or direct (and clickable) display of your phone number. For further enhancement, you can show off products in your Google Merchant Center feed, establish a social link to your Google+ profile, and even create special offers for your customers.

Displaying more information with each search result will increase your conversion rates at no extra cost. You’ll simply display more detail for the same basic cost, which can lead to an increase in conversion rates of about 25%. Also, showing more specific information from step one will likely increase your clickthrough rates overall, because the user has more chances of finding what he’s looking for from the start. Note that some types of AdExtensions display above (rather than next to) search results, which may increase your cost per click, but the results will be worth it.

Reasons to Use AdExtensions

Why should you use Google AdExtensions? Here are a few reasons to explore them:

  • No extra cost. Users are already searching; the only difference is in the amount and type of information displayed.
  • Meet user needs. Improve your chances of offering the right information from the first contact with the customer.
  • Higher clickthrough and conversion rates come from offering more robust information to users.

Types of AdExtensions

Google offers a wide assortment of AdExtensions, each of which is tailored for specific business types and needs. The available AdExtensions types, along with their functions, include:

  • Location Extensions show your business location on the search engine results page.
  • Call Extensions display your phone number in the ad so customers can call you directly. As a bonus, you can track calls coming from AdWords.
  • Offer Extensions promote product offers within your ads, even setting timeframe, discount percentages, terms and conditions, and other relevant criteria.
  • SiteLinks Extensions include more than one link to your website in each ad.
  • Product Extensions display product pages directly in the SERP.
  • Social Extensions link your social accounts (Google+) to your ad.
  • Dynamic Search Ad Extensions are designed for dynamically generated ads and feature some complex options that will be explored in detail in a later article.
  • App Extensions link directly to your mobile app in the appropriate store (e.g., App Store or Google Play) from your ad.

AdExtensions Use Cases

Let’s experiment with some scenarios to show how each extension type can help in different situations.

Scenario 1: A website with a mobile version (or a responsive theme) allows visitors to easily browse and buy products/services via mobile, but clickthrough and conversion rates are low because visitors want more details than the ad provides.
AdExtension to try: Call Extension
Why it works: Adding a phone number to your ads will make the calling process into a single-step conversion.

Scenario 2: A website with many interesting links is promoted with ads that feature only one link at a time.
AdExtension to try: SiteLinks Extension
Why it works: Including 4-5 links increases the chance that the ad will show what the user is looking for, from the first contact. Great for improving clickthrough rates and even conversions.

Scenario 3: A mobile app is presented on a website landing page that’s promoted with AdWords, but mobile users aren’t downloading the app from the page.
AdExtension to try: App Extension
Why it works: Adding a link to your app in the App Store or Google Play so that people searching on a mobile device can go directly to download the app will increase conversions (in this case, downloads).

Scenario 4: A physical store with a website that showcases its products.
AdExtension to try: Location Extension
Why it works: A Location Extension allows searchers to see your store’s physical location on a map snippet, increasing the chance that they will visit the store in person. This strategy is especially useful when targeting ads to specific cities.

Scenario 5: A website with a Google+ page.
AdExtension to try: Social Extension
Why it works: Adding a Social Extension will increase the social relevance of ads by associating them with your Google+ page. Social relevance will also help your website in terms of SEO.

Scenario 6: An ecommerce site with products listed in Google Merchant Center.
AdExtension to try: Product Extension
Why it works: Having a Product Extension will show your products from Google Merchant Center alongside search results for terms in the product title and/or description. This extension increases the chances of conversion by showing a lot of relevant information regarding the product, including images, and linking to the store being promoted.

AdExtensions Get Results

Avangate tested various AdExtensions for an entire year for a single goal and found that the extensions increased conversions substantially. AdExtensions were associated with 23% of the thousands of conversions in the test scenario. Furthermore, AdExtensions decreased the cost per conversion while increasing clickthrough rates, showing the cost-effectiveness of the approach.


Using Google AdExtensions in the right situation at the right time can be just the boost that some ad campaigns need. Even better, it’s a boost that doesn’t cost more, but allows you to display the essentials of a website in a single ad, building connections between a website and its future customers.

We’re curious about how AdExtensions have performed in other campaigns, for other business types. Have you used AdExtensions in your AdWords campaigns? What were the results?


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